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First Look Review for veritasrpg


Definitely intriguing, I enjoyed reading the entirety of it, and it definitely made me want to check out the the roles. Though I am curious to know why the Supernaturals didn’t fight , I mean sure humans are numerous, but supernaturals have the upper strength and ability to bring our species to their knees, so maybe elaborate on how the humans got the better of them.


Veritas meaning truth, it has me curious as to what truth that is. The truth about Supernaturals? Many questions arise with the URL, and I’m not quite sure if it was answered, or if it will be answered. It gives an air of mystery which I do enjoy.

Theme and Colors:

The theme is gorgeous as are the colors you chose for your roleplay, I don’t have anything to critic to be quite franc.


As I said before, the roleplay looks very intriguing and it’s definitely something I would join, though there is what I pointed out in the plot section that’s nagging at me. Otherwise I think it looks very well done and I do hope you stay open for a long while.

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